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Concentrated Instrument Flight Instruction

Individualized concentrated instrument flight instruction in Schenectady, NY in your aircraft.

Learn the fine points of instrument flying from one of the best.

I'm a professional gold seal flight instructor with over 18,000 hours and hold four ATP and four commercial ratings. Formerly with Professional Instrument Courses Inc. for eleven years, I'm now available to provide real-world instrument instruction tailored to your schedule constraints.

I give single- and multi-engine and helicopter instrument instruction in actual instrument conditions. You will train hard (8-10 hours/day) and progress rapidly while saving money over long-duration training programs.

Training available for all aircraft except airships.

Over 450 students trained in nine days or less.

I have trained many fresh private pilots with limited confidence due to low times, and to this date the longest time I have taken with prior students has been nine days. My training course includes up to 10 hours of dual instruction utilizing my IFR aviation training device which is FAA legally loggable in lieu of the same hours usually given in an aircraft. This reduces the time and money normally spent on 40 hours of aircraft time down to 30. 30 hours of aircraft instruction and all required ground school will also be given. If you have prior instrument training time, that should reduce the total time needed to qualify.

I teach in actual instrument conditions, weather permitting, right down to minimums. This prepares you for the real world of IFR, instead of theoretical flying with a hood. Having your written test already completed makes the training a pleasurable event. To study for a written test concurrently really turns the training into an ordeal.

Clients travel to me in Schenectady, NY (near Albany) and stay in a local motel while doing the training. This works well for several reasons: this gets them away from the home, office, and other distractions. Please believe me when I say that the training is extremely intense, and leaves no time for much more than daily training and a good night's sleep!

Call Bill Zaleski at 518-596-6956 [call via Skype] (up to 11PM eastern time - GMT-5) or send email to the address below to discuss how I can help you get the rating you want swiftly and learn what you need to know to use the rating confidently....